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At Holiday Time - Think Antiques

For all of you who love to decorate for the holidays may I suggest that you 'think antiques' when it's time to make your home festive. There is nothing like an antique to bring a distintive charm to your decor unlike any other piece. Of course there are obvious pieces that you think about like Santas for Christmas but there are also some antiques that are maybe not quite so obvious. May I suggest a colorful display of early postcards to make a striking display? Since the patriotic season is upon us, let me suggest a selection of antique patriotic postcards. Another suggestion for base holders for displaying your cards, are old needle point flower frogs. You can find these in most antique shops at reasonable prices and they come in all shapes and sizes. They give a weathered antique base to each card. There of course is also a nice selection of early postcards from which to choose. Also, it is quite delightful to read the messages that were written sometimes over 100 years ago to a recipient of that time. Early American flags are another good choice because they represent the history of our changing country showing that our flag has evolved over the years to the current 50 star, star spangled banner. I also have a nice selection of 48 star American flags for sale. Shown here are a few patriotic postcards that I have offered for sale along with other holiday postcards. You can view some of the current postcards for sale by visiting me at: http://deannamoyers.ecrater.com/

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